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It isn’t like I have enough to do already.  CARM keeps me busy.  But, maybe, just maybe, I can manage to throw some words down hear and use this to glorify God, teach, and expand CARM.  Blogging is quick and easy and a lot of people enjoy it.  So, let’s give this a go and see what people think.  Now, all I need is to find someone who can modify this template, or get a better one.

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  1. Betty says:

    I would like to leave a comment concerning the gentleman who thought the Pentacostal church was the wrong church, There are problems in most churches today because they are shying away from informing people from the Word of God, Denominations came from man and the one thing I know is that God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth requires all of us Christians which are people like Christ, to conduct ourselves in the same way according to the Bible which is the Word of God, to say one is bad and one is good, It’s the Word of God that will stand forever and will judge us in the end. God Bless.

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