How to start doing apologetics

Someone recently asked me where to learn to begin to do apologetics. Well, depending on the situation, I would recommend that someone purchase a good introductory book on Christian Apologetics. You might check out Norman Geisler’s Christian Apologetics or even William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith.

However, while reading books is effective, one of the best ways to learn apologetics, is to actually engage with unbelievers in dialogues. The CARM discussion boards are one way to engage in such discussion. Oftentimes the discussion is not so much for you to convince the unbeliever (through the work of the Holy Spirit) of the truth of Christianity, as it is for you to learn how to better articulate the Christian faith. Believe me! Articulate unbelievers will quickly point out logical flaws and/or faulty assumptions in your reasoning.

There are many issues in apologetics to get familiar with, but I recommend that someone at least get grounding in logic and sound theology rooted out of familiarity with the Biblical texts. Here is a link to an article outline that I wrote on the topic: and for some basic background see: For an even bigger overview, see:

It also depends on which issues that you want to focus on. You can always use the website to expose yourself to some of the basic ideas, read the various articles or watch the videos, and move into the specific areas that interest you. If you are interested in dealing with atheism, it would be good to check out William Lane Craig’s works. He writes a lot of philosophical works dealing with the existence of God. I particularly enjoy his website:

Also, if you are interested in historical Jesus stuff, the resurrection of Jesus, etc., I particularly like Gary Habermas’s works:

However, there are many other fields of apologetics beyond the existence of God and historical Jesus research. Other areas include science, ethics, religion and cults, history, etc. There are about as many areas of apologetics as there are fields of academic discipline. Feel free to get involved in the areas where God has called you specifically.

God bless you all as you seek to reach others for His kingdom!

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