The Two Party System, Paul is Jailed in Philippi

One of my favorite passages of Scripture is Philippians 1. The application in this passage, particularly verses 20-24 is wide. Here is the story, Paul, a loyal servant of God, a messenger of the Gospel of Christ is in jail. Certainly not a good place to be. In verse 19, Paul knows he will be delivered.

But in verse 20 the message of the passage forms. Paul wants one thing, the exaltation of Christ. Paul is not waiting for the guard to fall asleep at his desk, and take the keys and run. His concern is being a testimony, honoring his Lord and Savior in the one place that could really use it, jail.

Consider this and politics. We primarily live in a system of two parties, the Republicans and Democrats. Yes, we have minor third parties, and no, they wont individually amount to much. The latter two parties have existed almost since we, as a nation were founded, in one form or another. No, they aren’t going anywhere either. So what approach should be taken? My suggestion is, determine if you are a big or small government person, from there, determine which of the two parties most meet your ideology. Be consistent with your faith. Never abandon what you believe in.

Once these aforementioned steps have been undertaken, now it is your job to glorify your Creator.

How? Get involved. When the righteous rule, the people rejoice. Here is the recipe to follow. Join your local political committee, and learn the rules. Align with the right people, while bringing in other believers. No politician of any value can be elected without the support of the party machine. Yes, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and Michelle Bachmann need the parties. I know you’re thinking of a name right now, Christine O’Donnell. Good try, but she did not get elected, did she? Nor did she get the nomination without an organization who played by the party rules.

In most states your state and county political parties actually exist as a function of law. Your local town and villages committees exist at the pleasure of those county committees, so you have to play ball by those rules. If you are sick of so called conservative republicans who support abortion, or liberal democrats demanding charity, but with your money, then do something about it.

Yes, the party picks the candidate, if you do not like the candidate, then run someone against them. Though the legal function of political parties are to elect their own, policy is usually formulated there.

Remember the rest of Proverbs 29:2 “…when the wicked rule, the people mourn.” So you really want to go third party? No, George H.W. Bush was not the most conservative President, but thanks to third party candidates Ross Perot and Pat Buchanan, we got the immoral, national security destroying Presidency of Bill Clinton. In 1996, thanks to the third parties, we again got four more years. In the General Election of 2010, Republican candidates could have removed up to eight other Democratic members of Congress, but who prevented that? The third parties.

I know some reading this envision an ideal, informed electorate, who will vote for candidates based on their history, where you can trust their word, and not worry about party identification. Others envision an utopia scenario where enough people will get fed up and vote for the third party guy. Good luck and keep dreaming.

That said, seek to magnify Christ in your body. If you cannot find that voice endorsing Christian values, then you be that voice. Learn the rules and bylaws, build your base, and you can change your local, county, state, or national party, and push the election of God fearing individuals.

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