How do Christians respond to Gay Pride?

When I was in Junior High, one of my friends’ mother was our Sunday School teacher at the United Methodist Church I attended.  Mrs. Tuthill was her name.  Her claim to fame in our little town was her ability to overwhelm sweepstakes contests with entries and win just about everything.  She even won a car.  Besides her ability to bend an envelope in a certain way to increase its chances of being drawn out of a barrel, she made an immediate and deep impact on us when it came to understand God’s view of homosexuality and those that are in that sin.

We were in 1 Sam 18:1 and we read aloud where David and Jonathon’s souls were knit and that Jonathon loved David as his own soul.  Mrs. Tuthill’s son said under his breath to the child sitting next to him, “Sounds like a couple of homos”, which received some stifled laughter.  He, however, hadn’t said it low enough to where his mother wouldn’t hear him.  When she heard it, well, Hiroshima looked like a firecracker compared to the ‘sermon’ we heard on how homosexuality was an abomination to God and the judgment of God, and oh boy did she let us have it.  Well I was convinced, even as a young unregenerate Methodist, and it made an immediate and lasting impression.

It was always scandalous back then when some movie star or whatever would ‘come out of the closet’.  Boy George had us all wondering what ‘he’ was.  Movies and television constantly portrayed them as flippant girly men that pranced about.  It was always a punch line.  Comedians like Eddie Murphy and Robin Williams made fun of them, in fact, most comedians cracked jokes about them.  It was an insult to call someone a queer, and accusing other teenage boys of committing such acts was one way to start a fight, or win an insult contest.  Then HIV and AIDS appeared and it seemed as if the culture’s attitude towards homosexuals started to change then.

Yes, the era I grew up in was an odd one if you compare it to today.

Today, the tables have been turned.  There is such a thing as ‘Gay Pride’.  Proud of being gay?  Really?  What is gay pride, you might ask?  Well, according to what you may see in a ‘Gay Pride Parade’, it means you have no shame for your sin, and you want everyone to accept you for what you are.  And to prove it, you will trot out offensive floats, perform offensive acts, and then get offended when people comment at how lewd the gay folks were during the parade.

Okay, we get it, your here, your queer, but as Christians, we won’t get used to it.  Our response to your ‘Gay Pride’ is that Jesus Christ died on the cross for sinners who commit such sins.  You don’t believe me?  Have you ever read Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians?

1Co 6:9-11
(9)  Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the sexually immoral, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor men who practice homosexuality,
(10)  nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.
(11)  And such were some of you.But you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.

The response we need to make is that their unrepentant sinfulness will cause them to be sent to hell for all eternity, but Jesus Christ died for sinners.  They should repent of their sin, trust in the Savior.  Jesus Christ, the Savior of all kinds of men and women, even those who commit the sins of homosexuality.

Jesus what a friend of sinners.

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17 Responses to How do Christians respond to Gay Pride?

  1. Elizabeth Bunting says:

    I am tired of Gay Parades. They are lewd, gross and inappropriate. If gay people want respect, then they should behave respectably. I am tired of Black History Month too, where you have to listen to a month of black history in church. My husband says he is not going back until they have white Scottish month in church. (Joke.)

    There are many sins in the Bible for which the punishment is stoning to death, i.e., a woman caught in adultery who didn’t cry out to be rescued. A son who doesn’t obey his father is taken out to the elders of the city at the gate of the city and stoned to death. Nobody here would countenance such actions.

    Some gay people are just hypocrites. In Toronto they lobbied the organizers of the annual Police Games to dispense with the bikini contest because it was sexist. Their Gay Pride Parade is not sexist and sexual??? I think it should end.

    Just my opinion.

    • Bob says:

      I agree with your last statement. In fact I am proud that our Prime Minster Stephen Harper REJECTED the funding of the gay pride parade.

    • V. Grady says:

      Lady, you’re entitled to your opinion. However, don’t compare being of a race other than your own to a filthy behavior. It really makes your ignorance known.

      By the way, Jesus was a Jew, not not a pale “Scott”.

  2. Mo says:

    Thank you for this post. I just read a different article where Christians wore shirts apologizing to homosexuals. (As a way of “building bridges”, you see.)

    Bridge to nowhere, I say! I’m sick and tired of being pressured into accepting this lifestyle. People are free to live how they want. No one stops them. What I want is for them to stop pressuring me into saying it’s acceptable/normal!

    • Ken Cook says:

      The only Bridge is the Gospel, and it isn’t the gap between Christians and Homosexuals that needs to be bridged… but rather the gap between Christ and unrepentant faithless sinners.

  3. David Wozney says:

    Jesus said pride is an “evil thing”.

    “And he said, That which cometh out of the man, that defileth the man.
    For from within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts, adulteries, fornications, murders,
    Thefts, covetousness, wickedness, deceit, lasciviousness, an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, foolishness:
    All these evil things come from within, and defile the man.”
    (Mark 7:20-23, KJV)

  4. Libertine says:

    Wow. I enjoy finding bigots lurking around the internet. You have plagued us throughout history. Your kind of people, ignorant and stooped in religious fervor, were responsible for the persecution of every minority. Before you discriminated based on religion, then it was race….now it’s sexual preference.

    • Bernard says:

      Pretty soon we will start discriminating against people who practice bestiality and murder too. Where will out christian ignorance end?

      Libertine, I love all people the same. Sinner or not, I love them. The sins that they practice, I do not condone. I cannot condone one sin and pretend that it is O.K. to be a sinner. Romans gives us a pathway to forgiveness, but even as a human I can tell when someone is not heartfelt in their apologies. God will be the only judge any of us needs to worry about and I am pretty sure he will know when repentance is heartfelt.

      It is wrong to murder, few will dispute this. It is wrong to practice bestiality, few will dispute this. It is wrong to practice homosexuality, yet more and more are willing to condone this sin.

    • Caleb Neff says:

      Christianity has not persecuted every minority, and you are unlearned if you assert as much.

      Religions were discriminated against? Unfortunately yes. But as I have said at “When Christopher Hitchens Dies, He Will Still Hate God,” Truth Is Exclusive.
      Getting people out of their sins is the goal, what is objectionable is how we do it.

      Races were not discriminated against. I don’t care if one mentions the African American slaves of the South; they were defined as non-humans in order to justify their slavery, because slavery is not supported in the Bible. The China-men and Native Americans were the same. To discriminate against people for ethnic reasons is unbiblical, and hypocrisy.

      You make it sound as though preventing people from harming themselves is a bad thing. Improper sexual activity is just one of those things that hurts people.
      By your logic, we shouldn’t keep people from using drugs like heroine, and we should let the insane run through the streets where they can hurt themselves!
      Furthermore, if we are right about God, then this is a sin that must not be tolerated.

      So Christianity has not persecuted every minority in history, but `Christians` have persecuted some minorities. In some cases, this is justified, in others, no.

  5. Bill Gibbons says:

    I believe that homosexuality is a mental illness and a thoroughly inhuman practise because God “gave them over to a depraved mind” that leads to disease and death (Romans 1:24).

    Indeed we should remind ourselves what medical science alone says about homosexuality. It is well established that there are high rates of psychiatric illnesses, including depression, drug abuse, and suicide attempts, among gays and lesbians. This is true even in the Netherlands, where gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) relationships are far more socially acceptable than in the U.S. Depression and drug abuse are strongly associated with risky sexual practices that lead to serious medical problems.

    Monogamy, meaning long-term sexual fidelity, is rare in same-sex relationships, particularly among homosexual men. One study reported that 66% of same-sex couples reported sex outside the relationship within the first year, and nearly 90% if the relationship lasted five years. In more recent years, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Pevention has reported an upswing in promiscuity, at least among young homosexual men in San Francisco. From 1994 to 1997, the percentage of homosexual men reporting multiple partners and unprotected anal sex rose from 23.6% to 33.3%, with the largest increase among men under 25.Despite its continuing incurability, AIDS no longer seems to deter individuals from engaging in promiscuous gay sex.

    Anal sex is simply not normal by any standards, and that goes for heterosexual people as well. The list of diseases found with extraordinary frequency among male homosexual practitioners as a result of anal intercourse is alarming:

    Anal Cancer
    Chlamydia trachomatis
    Giardia lamblia
    Herpes simplex virus
    Human immunodeficiency virus
    Human papilloma virus
    Isospora belli
    Viral hepatitis types B & C

    Even going back to 1988, a CDC survey identified 21% of all Hepatitis B cases as being homosexually transmitted while 18% were heterosexually transmitted. Since homosexuals comprise such a small percent of the population (only 3%), they have a significantly higher rate of infection than heterosexuals. Anal intercourse also puts men at significant risk for anal cancer. Anal cancer is the result of infection with some subtypes of human papilloma virus (HPV), which are known viral carcinogens. Data as of 1989 showed the rates of anal cancer in male homosexual practitioners to be 10 times that of heterosexual males, and growing. Thus, the prevalence of anal cancer among gay men is of great concern. For those with AIDS, the rates are doubled.

    Other physical problems associated with anal intercourse are:

    anal fissures
    anorectal trauma
    retained foreign bodies

    Gay sex also accounts for the lion’s share of the increasing number of cases in America of sexually transmitted infections that are not generally spread through sexual contact. These diseases, with consequences that range from severe and even life-threatening to mere annoyances, include Hepatitis A, Giardia lamblia, Entamoeba histolytica, Epstein-Barr virus,Neisseria meningitides,Shigellosis, Salmonellosis, Pediculosis, scabies and Campylobacter. Does any of this sound “normal” to you?

    The greater incidence of physical and mental health problems among gays and lesbians has serious consequences for length of life. While many are aware of the death toll from AIDS, there has been little public attention given to the magnitude of the lost years of life due to political correctness and the fear of being labelled a hater, a bigot, a homophobe or even a “nazi.”

    An epidemiological study from Vancouver, Canada of data tabulated between 1987 and 1992 for AIDS-related deaths reveals that male homosexual or bisexual practitioners lost up to 20 years of life expectancy. The study concluded that if 3% of the population studied were gay or bisexual, the probability of a 20-year-old gay or bisexual man living to 65 years was only 32%, compared to 78% for men in general. The damaging effects of cigarette smoking pale in comparison -cigarette smokers lose on average about 13.5 years of life expectancy, which doesn’t look good for gay smokers.

    Let’s be honest here, it is clear that there are serious medical and psychological consequences to same-sex behavior. Identification with a GLBT community appears to lead to an increase in promiscuity, which in turn leads to a myriad of STD’s and even early death. A compassionate response to requests for social approval and recognition of GLBT relationships is not to assure gays and lesbians that homosexual relationships are just like heterosexual ones, but to point out the health risks of gay sex and promiscuity.

    Even with the facts in hand, there are far too many GBLTs out there who simply do not care and will continue to indulge themselves in deviant, health-destroying deviant, sexual activities regardless of the consequences. Tragically, with our society becoming increasing politically correct along and with endless social engineering and the rise of moral relativism, Christians are now labelled as “haters” who are to be abused, threatened, shouted down, assualted and silenced in the courts. Our world is rapidly approaching its destiny with Judgement, and it ain’t going to be pretty.

  6. RLee says:

    First of all, the Greek word Arsenokoitai does not translate as homosexual. Arsen means man in Greek. The word used is unknown, however, and if they were trying to say homosexual Paul probably would have said Paiderasste, the word used for homosexuals in that time.

    It seems also that you took a translation that scholars would disagree with that back your own prejudices. Especially since even if speaking of homosexuals here, it would only refer to men, not women. For those who do not know, the English bible is generally translated from the Greek.

    The sstudies on life expectancy is a bit off too. Of the gay men I know, a large portion of them are 70 plus. Guess I just happen to know the 32% you “quote”.

    Yes, I am a gay man, and I can track it back to kindergarten. Also, I’m a Christian. I just wish that those who are so anti gay would get there facts right. The biggest fact is is that Jesus said nothing about homosexuality.

    Regarding the gay parade issue, I do tend to agree, even as a gay man, that these are a bit overboard and if the gay community wants to be taken seriously should tone it down.

    I’m done for now, and I don’t judge. If what I do within a committed monogamous relationship is indeed a sin, that’s between me and God, and not for anyone else to judge. I just want others to know it is not a choice. God Bless, and thank you for loving me nonetheless.

    • prchrbill says:

      First of all, thank you for your comments. With all due respect, I believe you are believing some lies from secondary sources that are not concerned for your soul or your standing before a Holy and Just God.

      1. Arsenokoitai . I noticed you only gave the definition of the one word, ‘arsen’ as you put it. However, this is not the form or declension of the word ‘arrhen’ which means ‘male’, it is actually Paul taking two separate words and making it into one new word. The ending is from ‘Koite’ which in the context of a list of sins, (context matters) refers to the bed of adultery or unlawful cohabitation that is, it refers to sex before marriage. Now Paul takes the word for ‘male’ and joins it to an word for bedding and creates a word, that in the context is sinful, which literal means ‘man bedder’, that is a man who goes to bed with another man as if he were bedding a woman.

      2. “It seems also that you took a translation that scholars would disagree with that back your own prejudices.” As have you, but you said at the end of your comment, “I’m done for now, and I don’t judge.”. Yes you do judge, in that sentence you judged my honesty and integrity when it comes to my beliefs, fair enough, I am doing the same to you.

      3. Paiderasste, you bringing this word up is moot, since you mistranslated, or should I say, failed to translate the whole word Arsenokoites. But your error here is not translating the word correctly and that it really refers specifically to the act of what we call pedophilia.

      4. Tracing your sin back to kindergarten is not that hard to do. I was a liar in kindergarten, and that is in the list Paul mentions in I Cor 6. Since we are all born fallen in sin, totally depraved, it is not entirely unlikely that you also were a liar at that age, a thief(I was), covetous (I was), or anything else that God considers sinful. Sin and its infection does not have an age requirement. The Scripture says we come forth from the womb speaking lies, and it is true. That is why, in my article, I want to point those who are living in the open rebellion of homosexuality, lying, drunkenness, etc. to repent of their sins and trust in Christ and His work on the Cross dying for sinners. He is a perfect savior, and frees the vilest men of the penalty and slavery of their sin.

      5. I don’t judge either, but just proclaim what the scripture teaches. And according to 1 Corinthians 6, you unfortunately, are not a Christian. That is why you, and all homosexuals need to hear the gospel of repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

      6. Claim “Jesus never spoke about homosexuality” is quite a bad argument. Since you claim He never mentioned it (though neither one of us was there, but only that the authors of the Gospels never quoted that He said it), I can then say “He never said anything good about it”. Both arguments are lame. But here is what we do know. That Christ believed that the Old Testament, including the first 5 books, were the word of God and trustworthy. When asked about marriage, He referred back to Genesis as the authority on the matter. Since Christ died and rose from the grave, He is the authority. Since He is God the Son, the Creator, and He made them to be male and female, and He gave Moses the Law and the book of Leviticus, where God calls homosexuality an abomination, I would say your claim that Jesus ‘never said’ is bogus at best and blasphemous at worst. Yet, Christ can an will forgive those who repent of that sin and trust in Him. That’s good news.


    • Alharith says:

      The Evangelical Christian dudes comments are a liltte misleading as all lost cultures have perished. How can someone say one was lost due to their sexuality tolerance while another was lost for some other reason. I cant list past cultures who have done as you describe but I have read that in the past there were times when sex was not the bad thing its seen to be by some today. Which is rather strange as its a natural act.Yet rather than live in the past we should be looking to the future as the future is where we are heading.References :

  7. djaz says:

    Well, folks, I once thought myself to be too prideful and intellectual for God, but guess what? I was wrong. Who’d have thunk? I thought that I had all kinds of justifications (rationalizations) for my behaviors, against, mainstream society’s acceptance.

    Everything in my life is better, today and I am a better person, because I now thank God for all I have thrown off. I find those who feel the need to malign believers to be sad, because it comes from their own doubt about their chosen path – I know this road, too well.

    We have free will to live as we wish, but please don’t try to malign God’s word on one hand, showing yourselves to be non-believers and then, point out that God is ok with your unclean choices.

    As I read this blog’s author, he has referenced Scripture. This is not going to go away, unless, some of you advocate a fall of the First Amendment.

    One more thing, as far as I know, there is only one faith whose members/leaders – some of them – still stone and put to death gay people. Hint: They are not Christians.

  8. Truth says:

    We live in a sick world where everything is tolerated apart from proclaiming Christ, this is the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy but there is still a way for Christians to respond. A major UK supermarket was boycotted recently by thousands because they supported gay pride. Whilst I am totally against homosexuality I cannot see how boycotting a supermarket is an effective witness, neither do I think that we should say it’s OK to live the way you do. As Christians we should minister to homosexuals the same way we do with any other person ALL have sinned and come short of the glory of God; show compassion and get educated about homosexuality in order to be an effective witness. We cannot demonstrate hate and say the love of God is in us.
    RLee says that what he does within a manogamous relationship is his business and no one should judge but the scriptures say something different. As a part of the body of Christ we are accountable to each other. When the Bible says Judge not lest ye be judged it is talking about condemning and writing someone off; Galations 6 verse 1 explains our responsibility to each other.
    While it is true that there is no NT record of where Jesus explicitly stated that homosexuality is wrong, He did in fact condemn the behavior. A careful study of the Bible will bear this out. We need to be careful of trying to authorize a practice or behavior on the basis of what the Bible does not say. From this, many reach the false conclusion that Jesus approved of
    homosexuality. Is that true? Absolutely not! Jesus regarded homosexuality to be sinful behaviour. How do we know? We know because He authorized marriage between a man and a woman (in harmony with God’s law of marriage from the beginning, Gen.1:27-28;2:2125; Mt. 19:4-6). This is the only relationship authorized by God for the benefit and pleasure of sexual relations
    Consider: Since Jesus was born and lived under the Law of Moses, and since He endorsed the Law of Moses, and since the Law of Moses explicitly condemned homosexuality, then could we correctly say that Jesus also condemned it?

  9. Jeff says:

    USA – from Puritans to Impure-itans

    Is there a connection between beautiful New England and entire American cities turned into smoking rubble? There is.
    Take same-sex marriage. I would have guessed that a “sin” city (San Francisco? Las Vegas?) would have been the first to legalize it.
    Oddly it’s been the place where America started that’s wanted to be the first place to help bring about the end of America and its values! It’s been a Nor’easter of Perversion (helping to fulfill the end time “days of Lot” predicted in Luke 17) that began in (you guessed it) Boston in 2004.
    New England has gone from the Mayflower Compact to the Gay Power Impact, from Providence to decadence, from Bible thumpers to God dumpers, from university to diversity to perversity, and from the land of the Great Awakening to God’s Future Shakening that will make the Boston bombings look like Walden Pond ripples by comparison!
    The same Nor’easter has been spreading south and as far west as Washington State where, after swelling up with pride, Mt. Rainier may wish to celebrate shame-sex marriage by having a blast that Seaddlepated folks can share in lava-land!
    The same Luke 17 prediction is tied to the Book of Revelation which speaks of the cities that God will flatten because of same-sexism – including American cities – a scenario I’ll have to accept since I can’t create my own universe and decree rules for it.
    I’ve just been analyzing the world’s terminal “religion” that has its “god,” its accessories, its “rites,” and even a flag. It’s an obsession that the infected converts are willing to live for, fight for – and even die for!
    Want more facts? Google “God to Same-Sexers: Hurry Up,” “Government-Approved Illegals,” “FOR GAYS ONLY: Jesus predicted” and “The Background Obama Can’t Cover Up.”

    / Saw the above message on the worldwide web. Any reactions? /

  10. Muscle Man says:

    Very descriptive article, I loved that a lot.
    Will there be a part 2?

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