Pastor will you not give us the Gospel?

I am utterly sinful.  I find myself doing things, thinking things, desiring things that war against what I know is right, against the Law written on my heart.

As an Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB’er), I was aware of my sinfulness, but I was more aware of everyone else’s.  IFBer’s have the cure for your issues – ‘stop it’, ‘do better next time’, ‘quit being like that’.  None of their solutions are really the solution, they just cover up the nastiness that is our sin with ‘law works’ that only condemn us further.

It is Sunday morning (or whenever you gather to worship) and we have gathered together as God’s people to fellowship, worship, hear God’s word.  We are singing songs about God’s grace, and then a few about ‘Trust and Obey” because apparently “there’s no other way to be happy in Jesus”.  The “tithes and offerings” have been guilted…I mean collected.  Now comes the time where the man called to Pastor the church opens up that wonderfully inspired, inerrant, precious Word of God to divide it up and hand out to the multitude that has gathered.  The Lord’s Sheep hunger for this heavenly food, they need it desperately.

But what do they hear?

Honestly ask yourself, Pastor, what are you feeding them?

Are you providing them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, dying on a cross for their sins, buried and rising again the third day, conquering death, hell and the grave for them?  Their sins are forgiven by Christ’s death on a cross, His burial and Resurrection.  FORGIVEN!!!

Or, did you beat them over the head with the law of God (which is what God’s law does, and should do) and berate them for their laziness, apathy, and lack of care for their neighbor and God?  Did you leave them with the guilt of “do better or God is going to get you”?  Did you make the cure for all their sinful ways an instruction list of how to avoid those transgressions?  Did you give a big ‘rah rah’ speech that incited an excitement to serve in those areas ignored before, like evangelism and bible study?  Did you leave out the gospel for their sins and only offer  a quick fix salvation prayer for those visitors “who had decided to give Jesus a try”?

If this is the case, you are starving God’s sheep.

Repent and receive forgiveness of sins in Jesus name for the sin of neglecting God’s sheep, and go and do this sin no more.

If you do not see the error, I beg of you to reconsider and I pray that God’s sheep in that pasture no longer have the wonderful Gospel and the wonderful words of Life withheld from them.

2 Tim 3:16-4:4

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Bill Conover has written 9 post in this blog.

I am married and am the father of six children. I have spent the majority of my life in the Independent Fundamental Baptist movement, preaching in their pulpits and earning a 'degree' in Pastoral Theology from one of their schools. I no longer consider myself as IFB. I am recovering. I would hold to the 1742 Philadelphia Confession of Faith and to the Doctrines of Grace.

3 Responses to Pastor will you not give us the Gospel?

  1. Anthony says:

    I am no longer an IFB’er, either. I am also recovering (hence the name of my blog). I used to be a self-righteous poster child for Judaizers. Now, I understand what it means to be broken by God and healed by grace.

    But when it comes to the above sermon examples, I’m sure I have found myself doing “rah rah” speeches. My motivation, however, is not for the church to grow, the offerings to increase, or the attendance to become regular. My desire is for us to bring glory to the name of Jesus. His love constrains me. His love compells me.

  2. Pastor Joe says:

    I am still a Baptist….and we are still an Independant church(unaffilliated with any convention, board, or Association) Not all of us adopt such a tag as IFB, which is more often used accussatorial by detractors. The gospel should be the focus and ministry, of every born again believer, whether they stand in a pulpit or not, but Christ never called anyone into the ministry of bashing Independant Baptist’s. I don’t run with any group, and I do see the legalism that exists in many circles, but I am just as troubled by those who dwell on that persistently and stereotype IFB preachers, into one big lump. I have known a lot of compassionate men, who were ardent students of God’s word, that have pastored Independant Baptist Churches.

    • Ken Cook says:

      Pastor Joe,

      I think it is pretty Clear that we aren’t saying all IFB pastors are the same… but there is a major trend within that circle of churches to function in a congruent way. How would you suggest that group is than addressed?

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