When Christopher Hitchens Dies, He will Still Hate God

Before I even start I want to make a few things known to you the reader.  I hope and pray that God will be merciful to Christopher Hitchens and grants him the gift of repentance and brings him to faith in Christ for the forgiveness of sins.  I would enjoy a Heaven that has Christopher Hitchens in it.  Let me go one step further, I would enjoy heaven with Adolph Hitler as a resident, if he was brought to repentance and faith before he died.  You have to have the right theological mindset to be able to accept what I just wrote.  Hitler does not deserve hell for eternity more than I do.  I am so grateful for God’s wondrous grace, mercy and love for such a sinful buffoon like me.  I have been praying for Mr. Hitchens and will continue to pray until all hope is gone, and that being when he takes the last breath that God has so graciously afforded him up to this point in time.

If Christopher does not come to repentance and faith in Christ alone then, regardless of what Rob Bell thinks, when he passes from this life, he will, as the rich man in Luke 16, open his eyes in hell, and he will be tormented by the flames.  I do not want this for him, but the reality is what it is.

If you have been living under a proverbial rock  and don’t know who Christopher Hitchens is, do a quick scan on Google and you will find out that he is one of the premiere atheists of our time.  He is intelligent and a very abled speaker and writer.  And at the time that I am writing this, he is dying of throat cancer and has lost his ability to speak.

He said this in Vanity Fair in October of 2010:

An enormous number of secular and atheist friends have told me encouraging and flattering things like: “If anyone can beat this, you can”; “Cancer has no chance against someone like you”; “We know you can vanquish this.” On bad days, and even on better ones, such exhortations can have a vaguely depressing effect. If I check out, I’ll be letting all these comrades down. A different secular problem also occurs to me: what if I pulled through and the pious faction contentedly claimed that their prayers had been answered? That would somehow be irritating.

So the Atheist worldview has him not wanting to die so as to let his atheistic friends and fans down, but also not wanting to live so his ‘enemies’ won’t be able to glorify God for his healing.  He is right, that is depressing.

Christian Today Australia reported in April of 2011 about a letter he wrote to the American Atheists conference:

Rallying atheists to form a resistance against “this sinister nonsense,” the cancer-stricken unbeliever called on his fellow atheists to defend and uphold the separation of Church and State. He concluded his letter with the line, “don’t keep the faith.”

Here we see the evidence of the continued hatred for religion as a whole and the defiance of the existence of God.

But does Christopher Hitchens really not believe in God?  He would like you to think so.  I have always heard that it is impossible to prove a negative, yet he has spent his life trying to prove that God doesn’t exist and that he doesn’t believe in Him.  But God tells us in his word that which Mr. Hitchens insists is not there, the reality of the existence of God is known to him, and he is fighting to hide it:

Rom 1:18-20

(18)  For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.

(19)  For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.

(20)  For his invisible attributes, namely, his eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly perceived, ever since the creation of the world, in the things that have been made. So they are without excuse.

There is no neutral ground, sinners hate God, and they want to stamp Him out of their minds.

The nature of the sinner does not change after death.  He does not sit in hell and lament all the wrong he has done.  Where did we get these ideas? From Dante?  The God cusser is still a God cusser, the adulterer is still an adulterer, and the God hating, blaspheming atheist still shakes his fist at the God he will still insist isn’t there, yet the reality that he/she is suffering the eternal punishment for their sins against the eternal God will be undeniable .

God does not send neutral souls to suffer for eternity, read what the scripture says:

Rev 21:6-8

(6)  And he said to me, “It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end. To the thirsty I will give from the spring of the water of life without payment.

(7)  The one who conquers will have this heritage, and I will be his God and he will be my son.

(8)  But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur, which is the second death.”


They are still recognized and identified in their utterly depraved state and will remain that way forever with no opportunity to repent.  Hades is full of sinners that still desire to sin, but yet unable to fulfill those wicked desires that took them there.

Read what Dr. James White of Alpha & Omega Ministries said in a sermon titled “The Carmen Christi” at Arann Reformed Baptist Church earlier this year(around 47:15 mark):

…right now God restrains the madness of man, but once the restraint is taken off in hell itself, what torture must it be to stand upon the parapets of hell screaming your hatred of God for eternity, knowing there is nothing you can do any longer, to in any way hurt God or his creation.  People say “we are going to be partying in hell”.  No. You are going to be alone.  Alone with your hatred and self destruction.

You don’t stop sinning.  That’s why the punishment doesn’t stop.  And I am convinced that if you were to reach into the pit of hell, 10,000 years into eternity, grab a smoking soul, bring it out and sit it down, and say “Here’s your choice: either love the Lord your God with your heart, soul, mind and strength and  worship Him in purity or turn around and walk right back in to where you are” every single one would turn around, spit at you and dive right back into where they were.

The reality for Christopher Hitchens is this: his current hatred and denial of God will not change after death.  He will not stand before God and beg for mercy, he will continue to blaspheme, hate, and reject the God of the universe.  The only change will be the lack of personal satisfaction of getting away with defying God that he enjoys here.  There will be no more longsuffering by God.  No more mercy.  No more undeserved blessings of life and breath.  God will judge him for his sins and be just in casting Mr. Hitchens into hell for eternity.

Sad isn’t it.  I do not glory in what will happen, but I do glory in the righteousness of God who is right in all that he does.

Will God grant Christopher repentance?  I pray and hope so, but if not, God is still just.



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26 Responses to When Christopher Hitchens Dies, He will Still Hate God

  1. Kevin bruce says:

    You know, you can prove a negative. For instance I can prove there is not a lion in my room right now. It does bother me when people say things like that. Otherwise, good read, and I agree with what you have written.

  2. Dion says:

    No you can’t prove a negative @Kevin Bruce, what if I just said that the lion was always behind you? Or that it’s just a very small lion or an invisible lion. If I made those claims would you believe me or remain sceptical until I proved to you that I was telling the truth? That’s the answer to the OP’s claim that Hitchen’s has spent his life trying to prove a negative. No he hasn’t. Christopher Hitchens has spent his life (among other things) refuting all attempts by believers to prove that god does exist. As for the idea that you can show what Christopher Hitchens really believes by quoting the bible’s opinion, it only proves how circular and narrow your thinking is. It’s nice that you tried to include disclaimers but this post is incredibly patronising and dripping in arrogance.

    • Caleb Neff says:

      “As for the idea that you can show what Christopher Hitchens really believes by quoting the bible’s opinion, it only proves how circular and narrow your thinking is. It’s nice that you tried to include disclaimers but this post is incredibly patronising and dripping in arrogance.” Dion, truth is exclusive. If the Bible is true (and I have no need to argue that, this is hypothetical), then it follows that they are in the right by using the Bible as their foundation. This `narrow thinking` would be Truthful Thinking, so is to be admired and modeled after.
      I think that you are getting ahead of things when you say that they are reasoning in a circle. No, they start with the Bible as their set of axioms; to call them out like that is equivalent to calling out a geometer for not proving his postulates, and then calling that circular reasoning. It’s foolish, and obviously wrong.
      Patronizing? I really don’t understand.
      Arrogant? Your complaint is situated on Postmodernism, and becomes self-defeating for that reason: if it is arrogant to profess that one thing is absolutely true, then it is arrogant to say that it is arrogant to profess that something is absolutely true.

  3. Dean Robertson says:

    I really like Christopher Hitchens. He is an amazing guy to listen to and the world will be a sadder place when he has gone. You need to put down your book and think for youself. I wasn’t sure what my beliefs were so decided to read the Bible. I found that I had been lied to since I was a small child. The God of the Bible is a monster and deserves no respect. If you take out all the silly add ons in the New Testament (virgin birth, miracles etc.) what have you got? A guy who deliberately talked in riddles, told strange stories that don’t make any sense. Told everyone to sell everything they have and follow him because the world was about to end. He preached hate and division. I cannot see how any intelligent person could read the whole Bible and not finish it as an atheist. Like all of us Hitchens will die and will no longer exist however his work will carry on freeing minds that are still firmly locked in our ignorant past.

    • Caleb Neff says:

      The reason intelligent people can finish reading the Bible without becoming atheists is because they seek understanding. Are you sure you don’t mean `wise people`? Your complaints about God doing `evil things` flop on their face once we consider a few things: 1) God is the source and arbiter of justice. 2) The culture was vastly different than what we have here. Under (1), to call anything that God has done `evil` begs the question; are God’s commands for the better (which is plausible)? Saying `no` is circular reasoning, and you need to prove your case first. Under (2), it follows that we should seek to understand the culture in question. In my own studies, I’ve found that the evils commanded by God were acts of judgement (if it wasn’t commanded by God, then God didn’t do it).

      Your complaints about Jesus are wrong-headed. He didn’t say that the world was `about` to end (`The End is Near` is obviously in God’s time frame ["All times are soon for me," Aslan said. Then suddenly, he disappeared]).
      Jesus didn’t tell people to sell everything they had to follow Him _for_that_reason_ either. He told the rich man to sell everything he had to become a follower in order too prove a point: “your possessions are less important that Me.” This same point is why Jesus said that anyone who doesn’t hate their family and friends can’t be His follower (NOTE: the word `hate` was used to mean `love less than`).
      Jesus didn’t preach hate and division. What He said was that hate and division would be caused by people choosing Him over what the world has to offer.

      Everything that you said implies that you didn’t read the Bible at all.

  4. Jane Madison says:

    C. Hitchens does not want to die because he loves life and has work to do – not becasue he is afraid of the afterlife or hell or God. He does not believe in God or gods because they only exist in the imagination of fundamentalist religious lot.
    One of whom a self confessed Christian fundamentalist has just killed 91 people in Oslo.
    We are all born into this world as a clean slate but depending on where and when you are born the current society imposes its ideology upon you. Woe betide those who have afundamentalist society of any sort teaching them to hate and fear.

    • Caleb Neff says:

      Jane, prchrbill said that. He didn’t say Hitchens wanted to live so that he could keep being satisfied with his atheism. Why do you act like you didn’t read the first paragraph?

      Jane, I can call myself an atheist, and then go to a Mosque and worship Allah. Does calling myself an atheist make me an atheist? Or, I could go to a Synagogue, call myself a Christian, then deny the Trinity. Does calling myself a Christian make me a Christian? Remember that it is your _acts_ that prove your beliefs, not what you call yourself. This person was either mentally ill (in which case, you cannot put real fault on him), mislead (so the people who taut him this evil are at fault), or else a liar; in any of these cases, what they did was not based on the Bible. You haven’t faulted Christianity in the slightest.

      Woe betide those who are ignorant, and profess to know what they obviously do not, Jane. Fear and hate are not Christian ideals, so you should have saved that empty remark for some other people.

  5. Jane Madison says:

    Dean I totally agree with you

  6. Jane Madison says:

    C Hitchens will not go to hell because
    1. it doesn’t exist except in your own making
    2. he doesn’t believe in such nonsense
    3. he is not a wimp who does and thinks what they think id needed to get to heaven
    4. if you believe in God and heven so much why is your life so shit
    5. wake up to yourselves and enjoy your life- do good and be happy because this is all there is
    6.be greatful you are even here- do you know what the odds are that any individual person is born
    When you die that’s it- lights out- molecules disperse- you become part of a whole plor of other things
    live and let live

    • Ken Cook says:


      1. How do you Know?
      2. So?
      3. Obedience is not Cowardly, Sin is.
      4. My Life isn’t… and if it were it would be his will.
      5. I do enjoy life.
      6. I am grateful I am here. I am Grateful that God Created us, and I would Call you to be Grateful to the one who sustains your life.

      Christianity isn’t about going or not going to hell… it is about Glorifying Christ in all things.

  7. JPS says:

    Look at the angry little atheists popping up like so many toadstools. Let them mock while they can; it won’t be anyone else’s problem at the end.

  8. Wonderful post.. led me to worship..

  9. Michelle says:

    Actually, not JUST athiests agree with Hitchens, and don’t call them toadstools LOL, namecalling makes you look even more immature!Whenver he says GOD he’s mostly referring to the God of scriptures and he’s wondering why there is so much cruelty and shit in this world if God was so omnibenevolent and omnipotent. He has many valid points. I believe there is a higher energy that we all belong to and our physical death does not kill our spirit/soul/energy. I do not belive that you have to “repent” or silly crap like that and Religion should not be shoved down people’s throats like the Mulsims and Christians enthusiasts love to do. He can hate God forever, he’s not going to Hell because he doesn’t belive in it AND it doesn’t exist..Hell is here, on earty..just watch the news!

  10. Bruce Fry says:

    Your belief that Christopher Hitchens will hate God when he dies is mistaken. He does not hate what does not exist. Instead, he hates what happens when people actually believe that God exists. Hitchens knows it is silly to think God exists. People who think so are at best silly, but historically they have frequently been very dangerous. As I like to say, if God exists, he is a devil. And people who believe in God have done more killing and hating than should be possible. I feel sorry for people who believe in God.

    • Caleb Neff says:

      Can you explain why theism is so `silly`, or is this just empty rhetoric for the choir boys to listen to as the read “The God Delusion”?

      Yes, religious people have been dangerous throughout history. What makes this a shame is that atheists have done much worse, and yet they receive the blind eye. At least for theists, they have a reason for being dangerous (in the Bible, it is because they are commanded to carry out God’s judgement; same in the Koran, etc.). Atheists say that reality is purely purposeless, and exists inexplicably (all their violence is therefore purposeless, even if they say otherwise).

      I feel sorry for people who show poor logic! God can be, and has successfully been, rationally defended, even if my counter-argument to your historical case is wrong.

  11. Kenny Brown says:

    You can’t hate someone you don’t believe in, especially when the person you don’t believe in doesn’t exist.

  12. Jason says:

    You write that Hitler does not deserve hell more than you do. This is untrue. God judges men according to their works, and some men are indeed more deserving of hell than others.

    The serial murderer is wickeder than the serial pot smoker. The genocidal dictator is wickeder than the citizen on the street who merely consents to his rule.

    Please let us not get into the mindset of “we are all sinners ergo we are all EQUAL sinners”. We are not.

  13. Lee says:

    For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. (1 Corintians 1:18) For me and my family, we will embrace foolishness.

  14. Carmel Obrien says:

    If Jesus died for our sins then he also died for Christopher Hitchens sins and no God would deny Christopher Heaven,I enjoyed Christopher on earth,so why would God not enjoy him in Heaven,he was such a colourful character,he would add radiance to Heaven.
    Love you Christopher

  15. dean says:

    The fool has said in his heart,there is no God.

  16. Lee says:

    Caleb you need to write a book my friend today! Your responses for the faith are epic!

  17. Ben says:

    “Hitler does not deserve hell for eternity more than I do. I am so grateful for God’s wondrous grace, mercy and love for such a sinful buffoon like me.”

    Does no one see the dangerous insanity of a notion like this? That by virtue of the fact that you were born after Adam, told a couple lies, and lusted a few times, someone like you or I are on equal depraved footing with Adolf Mass-Genocide Hitler?

    Most Christians wouldn’t express it like this, but I thank you for doing so, because this is the actual logical conclusion that follows from Christian doctrines of sin and salvation. What sort of God would look at you and Hitler and send you to the same place if you hadn’t said some magic words to his son? What sort of God would SPARE Hitler judgment for rattling off these magic words at the last minute? What sort of God would give man reason, offer him no solid proof of his own existence, and then eternally punish someone like Hitchens for assuming he didn’t exist?

    I speak these words to you as a former Christian. I was once part of this mentality. It was the lens through which I viewed life. But as time went on, allowing myself to ask questions like these eventually led me to leave such awful teachings behind. And I hope some of you will do the same.

  18. Ben says:

    ALSO, where on earth do you get the idea that, were an Atheist to go to hell, they would still be an Atheist? That’s like saying you wouldn’t believe in Neverland even if you lived there. Atheists believe what they believe because it is what the evidence points to. Were Hell a reality, and were an atheist cast there, well, we can safely say that would be some pretty convincing evidence.

    Such statements display a remarkable ignorance for what it is to not be religious.

  19. Tony says:

    ” But God tells us in his word that which Mr. Hitchens insists is not there, the reality of the existence of God is known to him, and he is fighting to hide it”
    no he is not,he doesn’t believe in God, the reality of God is not known to him he thinks that God is detrimental to human society which is why he is trying to get rid of religon

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