Monthly Archives: August 2012

And now you know the rest of the story: Eric Liddell after Chariots of Fire – by Alex Carmichael

With the 2012 London Olympics having their closing ceremonies this evening, it’s amazing to think of all the great Olympic memories that have been created just this past fortnight. We can add so many people and teams and moments to an already long list in our collective memory, so many great Olympic moments over the years, whether we’ve witnessed them… (more…)

It is not Hate – Rev. Clay Dobbs

  On Wednesday August 1, 2012, many rallied around the Atlanta-based chicken restaurant Chick-fil-a. Many on the other side chose to boycott the restaurant today and presumably forever. All over the statements of the COO Dan Cathy of the successful restaurant chain about same sex marriage. The speech he gave was well within his rights as an American and reasonable… (more…)

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