It is not Hate – Rev. Clay Dobbs


On Wednesday August 1, 2012, many rallied around the Atlanta-based chicken restaurant Chick-fil-a. Many on the other side chose to boycott the restaurant today and presumably forever. All over the statements of the COO Dan Cathy of the successful restaurant chain about same sex marriage. The speech he gave was well within his rights as an American and reasonable for a Christian. Many are boycotting the chain claim the statements were bigoted and hateful. As a Christian minister, I want to inform you, his stance is not about hate of homosexual individuals. The stance is actually based on love; his love for God.

Anybody with any knowledge and proper interpretation of the Bible knows God is against homosexuality. Let’s focus on what He is for in marriage. He designed marriage with particular roles for husband and wife. We, as Christians, believe that when you begin changing the formula for marriage, you change the product. The same is true for science and math. But the circumstances are greater because it is man changing the formula God intended. So, we believe same sex marriage (specifically) and homosexuality (generally) to go against God’s plan. That is our belief. Yes, you will find some Christian individuals, ministers, and even denominations that have no problem with the behavior. Their acceptance does not change God’s plan.

I keep hearing that Christians are intolerant and full of hate. We are tolerant of the individuals, however, we cannot with honest integrity claim the behavior is accepted by God. We do accept the fact individuals have every right to be homosexual, I agree. If you desire to live separated from God’s will, that is your choice. To be tolerant means accepting another’s beliefs even when they are against yours. How tolerant have many been for the Christian view on marriage? I have heard much more hate speech coming from the same sex marriage proponents than from Chick-fil-a and their supporters (not saying it may not exist). The fact is, because someone disagrees with your views does not mean they hate you. Christians are called to love all people, we are not called to love all behavior.

I have heard many say they have the right to marry their same sex partner. They get this from the “pursuit of happiness” promise from our Constitution. The pursuit of happiness has always been limited by laws. What if someone finds happiness shooting up a movie theater, does that give them the right to do it. I know, same sex marriage does not hurt anybody. Let us assume that’s correct. So, if someone wants to marry their sister, is that their right? If a man or woman wants to have 5 spouses, is that within their rights? We have some laws to protect us and some laws to maintain some moral standard.

And people do have the right to be married or have a civil union done in certain states. So, if it is that important to your life and your fulfillment, go to one of those states and get married. Now you complain, it will not be recognized in my state. Well, what is your argument? You can in fact get married if that is your goal. You want it to be recognized everywhere, now that’s different. You want your lifestyle to be accepted. Many will turn this into hate and bigotry, but the homosexual lifestyle will never be embraced by Orthodox conservative evangelical Christians; and likely not accepted by Catholics, Mormons, Muslims, Orthodox Jews, etc. But what if it was? Would your life be fulfilled because same sex marriage is accepted? Or will you move on to the next fight for fulfillment?

I do happen to believe same sex marriage will eventually be fully legal in our country. That is unless the opponents continue to be outspoken about it like they were today. I imagine the boycott of Chick-fil-a created one of their most financially successful days in their history. And even if all of society and the laws say homosexuality and same sex marriage is morally acceptable, they never will be to God and His standards. Without that acceptance by God, people will not find true fulfillment. As Christians, we believe all of us have a God-void that will only be fulfilled by Jesus Christ. -

Rev. Clay Dobbs
Ratio Christi Chapter Director – UGA

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  1. Charles M. Thurman says:

    Rev Dobbs, when you say “…go to one of those states and get married…” I can sense your frustration with people’s refusal to obey God’s Word. However, as repulsive as I find homosexuality, I can’t feel good about denying any human being the same human-rights that I enjoy.

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