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Death and Donation – a book review by Rev. Clay Dobbs

Death and Donation – a book review  Henderson, D. Scott. Death and Donation: Rethinking Brain Death as a Means for Procuring Transplantable Organs. Eugene, OR: Pickwick Publications, 2011. D. Scott Henderson is Assistant Professor of Bioethics at Luther Rice University and Seminary. He has worked in hospitals in Ohio and Pennsylvania as an in-service lecturer and policy writer and was… (more…)

Postmodern Christian Theology – by Rev. Clay Dobbs

Theology is an amazing term in today’s world. I have heard countless negative responses, even volatile reactionsto the term. Theology is simply the study of God. Many reply they hate (yes, hate) the term because it is too close to controlling, systematic, organized religion. “Hey man, Christianity is not a religion, it’s a relationship!” is the most popular proclamation. I… (more…)

Moral Relativism Confuses the Abortion Argument – by Rev. Clay Dobbs

Moral relativism is a critical element in postmodern thinking. Moral relativism is the belief that there is a lack of absolute or objective right or wrong in the context or question of morality. The assumption for moral relativists is that their thinking is more tolerant, inclusive, and non-judgmental. The supposed politically correct viewpointis seen as more open-minded. Moral relativism tends… (more…)

How does the Passover reveal the Messiah? by Alex Carmichael

In the Book of Exodus, the Bible tells us that God inflicted ten plagues upon the Egyptians before Pharaoh would release the Hebrews from their slavery, with the tenth plague being the killing of all the firstborn. This meant that everyone from the Pharaoh’s son to the firstborn of a captive in prison would be affected. That is, of course,… (more…)

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