How should an Apologist respond to the accusation: “Jesus was merely a Magician when it comes to the miracles?”

If Jesus rose from the dead, then it is certainly likely that He could perform miracles like stilling a storm, casting out demons, etc.

How to start doing apologetics

Someone recently asked me where to learn to begin to do apologetics. Well, depending on the situation, I would recommend that someone purchase a good introductory book on Christian Apologetics. You might check out Norman Geisler’s Christian Apologetics or even William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith. However, while reading books is effective, one of the best ways to learn apologetics, is… (more…)

Truth vs. Pluralism

“Pluralism is desirable and tolerable only in those areas that are matters of taste rather than matters of truth.”- Mortimer Adler, Truth in Religion Just recently, a Southern California seminary affiliated with The United Methodist Church is opening its doors to Muslims and Jews and offering clerical training for those of other Abrahamic faiths. The Claremont School of Theology believes… (more…)

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